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R0 - Cliff Jumper
It was a cloudy day in Pannep City, the usual business of the city slugged on in the latter half of the afternoon. At this point of the day, everyone was either ready for the day to end or ready to tackle whatever the other half of the day would throw at them. Amongst the crowd that walked, a young man, named Cliff. His shaggy blonde hair bobbed with every step as a warm smile was on his face whilst he wandered through the masses. Cliff’s bronze eyes peaked through his bangs as he had his hands firmly planted within his pockets. In the distance, he could hear the squabble of protestors that cried out against the “harsh” grasp of Pannep City. He could tell that there it was very close to going from a peaceful protest to a full-on brawl. With his skills of blending into the crowd, he maneuvered his way into the crowd as he pushed random people as he made his way through the crowd. As he walked away, he heard the shouts grow more violent before he heard the sirens of the
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NOCT3 Application - Cliff Hanger
Trainer Character
Name: Clifton "Cliff" Reginald
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'5"
Faction: Anarchist
Town: Pannep City
Physical Description: With his imposing posture, the first impression of Cliff's beanpole-like peachy complexion body is one of normality. His shaggy mop of dirty blonde that he calls his hair is both untamed and bizarre looking. Cliff's bronze colored eyes give off vibes of mellowness and easy-going, unfortunately his bangs are long enough that they frequently obscure them. His usual attire consists of a plain white t-shirt with a faded open button flannel bearing a red and green checker pattern. Always being on the run, he wears a pair of worn running shoes to the point where there is no more color on them.
Personality: Cliff is a rather amicable person, but not quite an extrovert. While he would introduce himself to a small handful of people, he would not go as far as to making himself known in a crowd. On a first or last name basis, Cliff extends his hand in favor
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Hazardous Red - He finally shows...Himself by astigs13 Hazardous Red - He finally shows...Himself :iconastigs13:astigs13 4 10
Nuzlockes EXTRA: Champions' Meet
It was an uneasy time for the world after the events of the, “Kanto Safari Zone Massacre.” A state of unease for the regions around the world, and even more so in Kanto itself. Not only were some people scared to come out of their own homes, but some had taken the liberty to abuse the new period of disarray. To put an end to this wild period, the greatest powers of each region, their Champion, have come to one place to discuss…
Date: Unknown…
Time: 11:59 AM
Location: Special Room
When a person would think of a room where the Champions of all the regions would meet, they would think that it would be eloquent, grand, and just bursting with color from the Champions’ respective regions! However, that would not be true in any way or form. The truth of the room was that it was pure white, every single wall was an ivory white with no variation. In the center of the room was a large round table made from top quality
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Hazardous Red Chapter 4
It was a peaceful scene, Duke had just defeated Champion Lance himself and she was on top of the world! She stood on the roof of the Indigo Plateau, just like Lance had done when he was crowned Champion. The sun was already on the horizon as the day slowly became night, and there was a silent draft as she looked onwards. Her pokémon were busy being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but there she stood while all the gym leaders, Elite Four, and even Champion Lance himself clapped for her achievement.  The tomboy smiled from all the joy that fell on her shoulders this moment while her face had a streak of red from all the praise. Truly this was her moment.
“Congratulations!” Brock and Misty shouted with happy faces! Lieutenant Surge, saluted with a cheeky grin on his face.
“You did a damn good job, congrats maggot.” He congratulated in his weird way of approval as he gave a thumbs up to Duke with his free hand. Meanwhile, Erika stood right next to the army
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Brawl in the City! - Prolouge
The bright rays of the moon gleamed softly off of the large building in the city. Its size dominated over the other buildings that surrounded it, like it was the alpha male in a pack of animals. On the top floor of this monumental structure, a bald man in a suit looked out into the city in his chair, his posture completely rigid. Patiently, he waited for the status of his large scale plan that he had under the wraps for far too long. It had been two months since he announced this event in the local casino, and no direct action was taken ever since. Silence loomed over the room, save for the patter of the man’s fingers against the armrests of his leather chair. A low pitched buzz sounded off in the room, slowly the man turned around in his seat to see his intercom light on. With a flick of his wrist, he pressed the button of the intercom on his mahogany desk and hoped with every ounce of faith he had that it was about the event.
“Sir Baston, everything is prepared. We are wa
:iconastigs13:astigs13 2 5
Mature content
Nuzlocke X- Chapter 24 :iconastigs13:astigs13 2 10
Mature content
Mike's Misadventures 2 :iconastigs13:astigs13 3 22
Hazardous Red Chapter 3
Duke lifted up the little Nidoran from under his forelegs to her face in utter confusion.
Duke: So you can talk too?
Ben: Y-yes.
Duke looked over to August, who looked up at her with curiosity in his eyes. The Pidgey let out a sound of confusion
Duke: But you can’t talk?
August shook his head with a caw of defeat. Duke noticed how much of a sensitive subject it must have been for the Pidgey to not be able to talk properly, so she patted his head to cheer him up.
Duke: Don’t worry, you’ll learn eventually.
At her words of encouragement, August flapped his wings in excitement and hopped around. Duke put Ben down shortly after and looked at the entrance to the next area she had to go to, Viridian Forest. She lightly tossed Wreath’s pokéball in the air as she thought over a couple of things in her mind.
Duke: You guys ready to meet your new teammate again?
Ben: W-with all respect, could you keep that Rattata in its pok&
:iconastigs13:astigs13 3 9
Nuzlocke Family Halloween Story
Ah, Halloween, a very fun holiday where friends can dress up as whatever they want, go out through the neighborhood, get some candy, and have a grand old time. In particular, one group walked down one of the streets composed of two good friends and their pokémon. The two friends were Alex and Raven, who have met previously together in a chance encounter and instantly became good friends. For Halloween, the two of them thought that it would be a great idea to go trick or treating together with their pokémon. The hard part was sending Alex’s Pidgeot, Mary, back and forth to relay messages since Raven cannot talk to humans, but only pokémon. Raven’s part of the group consisted of Wilson the Beedrill, Damien the Wartortle, Ethan the Ekans, Oliver the Oddish, Alice the Zubat, and herself. Alex’s part of the group was made up of Macho the Hawlucha, Bertha the Hariyama, Glenn the Frogadier, Mary the Pidgeot, Jojo the Pangoro, and Alex himself. The father figur
:iconastigs13:astigs13 2 9
Mini Stories (Ocs)
[Hello everyone, what you are about to read is a collection of mini stories of the OC crew. All of these are canon, and will have impact on the OC universe. I hope that everyone will enjoy these short stories.]
Story 1: The Fix-Up
Medea sat in the living room of the house as the day slowly rolled along. Not much happened, and for once it was a peaceful day. Just as Medea was about to sigh in relief, she heard a knock at the front door. At first she was just going to ignore it, but then she realized that she was the only one in the big house at the moment.
Medea: Well, looks like I have to get the door.
She slowly got up out of her comfortable spot on the couch and made her way over to the door. Medea opened the door with the expectation of someone familiar back from their errands. She was right, but not in the way that she expected. In the doorway with a large sack of what Medea can only presume as money, Claud weakly stood battered and bloody. He looked so weak that he p
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Heaven's Trial Chapter 1
The black outlined, white figure stood before the massive monument of a set of double doors in the completely white large room. His killer smile still flared, and looked like it was a shark that smiled at them. The double door behind the figure had several ornate details on it, and if it weren’t for the black handles on each door, it probably would not have been visible.
???: Ragnorok the Roggenrola, Kid the Pikachu, Ken the Combusken, and Suzy the Farfetch’d.
As their names were called out, the pokémon nodded their head to signal their full attention. The figure bowed his head and side stepped out of the way of the doors as they very slowly, began to creek open.
???: Your judgement begins now. Best of luck kiddies, you’re going to need it~.
With those final words, the doors increased its speed and swung open at full force to reveal what was on the other side…nothing…
Kid: Is this some kind of jo-WOAH!
Black lines of various sizes
:iconastigs13:astigs13 3 3
Nuzlocke X- Chapter 23
Deaths: 4
Moments after the cameras turned off in Ramos’ gym…
At the Pokémon League, Diantha smiled evilly and maliciously after what she had just watched. Alex’s battle with Ramos certainly entertained and thrilled her, but not in the fact he won. It was the fact that two of Alex’s pokémon died, and how he broke down at the sight of them. Even though she just saw how Alex reacted to Ken, she knew that his reaction to his dead Farfetch’d would have been just as excellent. She started to grow fond of the boy, but not in a good way. No, she wanted to press Alex’s buttons to see how he would act. However, she had to get back to matters at hand, like Team Flare’s use of the Kalos Power Plant. At first she allowed it and let them slide under the radar, but now their use of power annoyed her. It was time that something was done about this, and Diantha knew who to get on the job. She turned her head towards Medea at the foot of
:iconastigs13:astigs13 4 24
Hazardous Red Chapter 2
Gary and Duke both walked down the beautiful route known as Route 1 together. They haven’t even met a single pokémon yet, and both of them were anxious as to what they were going to get. The sun was still high in the sky as it graced the beautiful route with its beams of warm light. They were about half way through Route 1 when an idea popped into Gary’s head.
Gary: Hey Duke, how about a little bet?
Duke: Huh? What do you have in mind Gary?
Gary: Three things. One, for each new route, cave, or body of water that we come across, we can only catch one pokémon. Two, if any of our pokémon faint in a battle of any kind, we can’t use that pokémon again for the duration of the bet. And finally three, either of us will automatically lose if our entire party of pokémon faint.
Duke: Ooookay….Those are some heavy conditions. How do you win?
Gary: The way to win this bet is to beat the Elite 4 and beat Champion Lan
:iconastigs13:astigs13 3 17
Baby Ruby Chapter 1
A nice warm breeze gently blew over a small town known as Littleroot Town. It was a cloudy, rainy, warm night. In the small number of houses and buildings in the town, a movers’ truck was parked in front of a house with a sold sign in front of it. The movers had moved a majority of the objects inside the house, they were almost complete with the task at hand. The sold house was only two floors, but it had everything a new home owner needed like a kitchen, bathrooms, and two bedrooms. The new, eighteen year old owner of this house looked out an open window on the second floor of the house. The movers were almost finished with the last object that needed to be moved into the house. The breeze flowed through owner’s long blonde hair, her ocean blue eyes gazed upon the horizon, and her chest rose as she inhaled the fresh air deeply. She waved goodbye to the movers as they pulled out the sold sign in the lawn, and drove off. The owner closed the open window and made her way d
:iconastigs13:astigs13 5 16
Mike's Misadventures
The following story is based off a recent randomized Emerald run. This is going to be a one shot unless more people want more of Mike and his very strange pokémon family.
In parallel universe version of Hoenn, nothing is quite the same and everything is mixed up in both of metaphorical and physically. Not only are pokémons’ themselves mixed up, but their moves and abilities have also been mixed up, like some higher force mixed them up vigorously. Pokémon that were legendary were found in the grass of Route 101, pokémon that shouldn’t even be in the region started to pop up. Moves that were only legendries were being used by Tailows and Zizagoons. For some odd reason, this did not surprise or phase the residents of the region. Not even our little seven year-old hero, Mike was spooked out by this fact. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it and went out on his own pokémon journey. He wanted a team of his own pokémon special to him, so he made a vo
:iconastigs13:astigs13 3 15


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Oh hey, another Shteev video. Sailor Moooooon!
You love it.
:iconamy-lou-2:Amy-Lou-2 1 11
Crazy by Amy-Lou-2 Crazy :iconamy-lou-2:Amy-Lou-2 2 3 What Am I Doing With My Life: The Drawing by Amy-Lou-2 What Am I Doing With My Life: The Drawing :iconamy-lou-2:Amy-Lou-2 2 2 Kasumi No Jikan by Amy-Lou-2
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Kasumi No Jikan :iconamy-lou-2:Amy-Lou-2 27 5
You Are Filled With Determination by Amy-Lou-2 You Are Filled With Determination :iconamy-lou-2:Amy-Lou-2 63 14
Geez, things are not going like I planned are they? ^^;

I said that I'd make more stuff, but then education said "No."

I said that I would try to catch up on everyone's stuff, but then writing said "No."

And now I'm here about to break some news regarding my nuzlockes. This choice really isn't the easiest for me to do, but for the betterment of my work-load I unfortunately have to do this...

Before anything else is said, I just want to say that I want to apologize for the promise that I wasn't able to upkeep. So now without anymore stalling, I am officially announcing that I am dropping all of the offered cameos for my stories.
This includes but is not limited to: Homebound Platinum Chapter 1, Nuzlocke X's side-story Heaven's Trial, and others. 

So at the cost of not having the audience's OCs and pokemon showing up in the chapters for now, I believe that I can get the stories rolling now without having to worry about how to incorporate the characters. This means I can focus on the plots, character developments, and most importantly, getting the chapters out to you all as soon as possible while keeping a great quality. :)

And who knows? ( Play this song for dramatic effect [link] )
Maybe something is in store to happen to one of my protagonists in the upcoming future? 
Alex, the pseudo father
Venus, the maternal figure
Duke, the instigator teenager
Mike, the innocent child

̵̵I̵͞͏̵ ̴̶̵͟p̡̡r̴͜o̧͠m͏i͟͟s͡͞ę̸̡̕͢ ̀́͟͞t̕o̢͟ ̡͜͢y̡̡̕͡o̷͜͜͝u̵̢̕,̕͡ ͏͏͏d̢͝ę̶̕͠a̴͠͏r̕͜͏ ̸̸̨̛͟a̧̨ú̶̡̢d̛͜į̵e̷͘͘͠n̸̢̕͞ç̸̡e҉,̨̧̕͟͢ ̢̛͝t҉̵̸̡h̢͡ą̸̸͟t̴̵̨͠ ̴̴̢͞͡ò͟͞n̨e͘͠ ̢̢͘͢o̸͘͟f̷͞ ̴͘͘͘͠t̶͠͝h́͘͞͝e͏͟҉҉͞m̴ ̴̢̡͞ẁ̨̕͠͡i̶͠ĺ̛͟l̴̕͠ ̷̴̡n̕͘͟ờ̧̨͢ţ̀̀͢͏ ̷̢̢b̴̴ȩ͝͡ ҉̴̵͘͜ţ̷͠h͏é͜͞ ̴͡s͝͏̢a̴҉̕҉҉m̷̡̕͞è̡̧ ̨̢́͘e̶̢̛͢v̨͡e̷͘͝r͞҉̡ ͞͡͏̴à̷̢̛g͞͏a͏͞i̧̕͠n̶͜.

So thank you all for reading this little update journal, and I hope that you all have a wonderful day! :D



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United States
Hey there, welcome to my gallery on DeviantArt or really it should be library. Here I write stories like my ongoing Nuzlocke, stories about the daily life of my OCs, or just random stories in general. The stories are usually all a light tone that is humorous and made to make people laugh. I specialize in heart to heart scenes and stories that portray a family sense. So with that said, I hope that you enjoy my stories.

My Motto: "Give other people's works of art and literature the attention that you would want for your own."

As for all of my stories that are being made and have been posted.
I do not own Pokemon, nor do I own Nintendo. All cannon characters in the Nuzlocke X story belong to Pokemon.
All of the original characters in the stories, both Nuzlocke X and OC stories belong to me.


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